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granite stone
Mar 15, 2018
Three rubber of xiamen import and export co., LTD. Is specialized in building, paving stone, paving stone, G603 pebbles cubic cobblestone lane, granite stone, marble stone, pebbles, cobbled paths, driveway, garden. The square was laid.

Paving stone, cube, garden stone, lifang stone, pebbles, granite cube, paving pebbles.

Size :10x10x10cm, 10x10x5cm, 10x20x10cm, 10x20x5cm, 9x9x9cm, 8x8x8cm, etc.

Xiamen Sanxiangda Import & Export Co., Ltd. (SXD) was established in 2000 by experienced European experts who have been working in business of natural stones since 1990’s. 
 Over the past years, SXD has built extensive resources of natural stones, quartz, terracotta tiles, and other building materials throughout China. SXD offers a wide range of products covering interior and exterior spaces. Products that we supply but not limited to are slab, tile, countertop, paver, curbstone, palisade, monument, sculpture, and etc.
 Based in Xiamen, the biggest stone business area, SXD deals with stones from other countries. One-stop purchase is what SXD offers to clients, especially when they require many different kinds of stone for one order.