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Points for attention in the construction scheme of roadway.
Mar 03, 2018

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1, determine luyandan construction plan and choose before construction technology, various related parameters should be determined on the basis of the condition of the project, combined with the theoretical calculation, economic accounting and technical argumentation to determine a scientific, thriftiness, feasible construction scheme. Only in this way can we know whether the various factors are in a balanced condition, so that we can find out the potential adverse factors and put forward preventive measures as soon as possible in case of problems.

2, when luyandan height and the sum of pavement surface and the surface of the pavement base ranging can be adopted when the light plane or micro mat measures, but should be to reduce the construction quality, increase or less increase engineering investment is limited.

3. Influenced by the shape of the road, the geometry size, the type of shoulder soil and the type of pavement surface, the roadway along the pavement surface was unstable. When this phenomenon is foreseen or occurs. Can adopt "shoulder height rise, drop method", if still do not work. The "steel chisel method" is adopted. In general, the steel bar is 1, 5~ 20cm, which can be processed with steel bars of 12 ~ 20, and the drill depth is 5~ 10cm. Special circumstances. According to the calculation results, the steel bar diameter, drill depth and exposure height can be determined. After the construction of the pavement surface is completed, the steel bar shall be recovered and stored in reserve.

4. The shoulder soil on the outside of the roadway has the dual character. When the pavement is spread and the ground level is mixed, it will exert passive earth pressure on the roadway. On the shoulder, there is active earth pressure on the roadway. The road is small in size and light in weight. It is often difficult to resist the active earth pressure generated by the shoulder soil, which should be used in this case. You can also use the "double shoulder method".