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Roadside Stone And Sculpture Stone Story
Mar 31, 2018

What we want to do is to enlarge their beautiful side and actively advance. When they are contaminated, remove stains for them. Encourage them to face life, take responsibility for themselves, and be a sculptor of their destiny. In the past, on the same hill, there were two identical stones. One stone became a roadside stone (roadside stone). It was moved around and was often trampled and defiled. A stone became a sculpture and was admired by many people. Worship. Three years later, quite different changes occurred. The roadside stone was extremely unbalanced and said: “Brother, three years ago, we used to be the same stone on a mountain. Today, there has been such a big gap. My psychological pain is particularly painful. The sculpted stone replied: "Is my brother, do you still remember? Three years ago, when you came to a sculptor, you didn't want to change. You were even more afraid of cutting a knife on your body. You told it to simply sculpt you." That's right, but I imagined the future and I was willing to change, and I was not afraid of the pain of cutting a knife. So, the sculptor was simply dealing with you, on me? The hacksaw saw, Cutting knife, hammer smashing, gauze grinding, etc. ... I have endured more pain than you, and the changes I have undergone are several times yours. This has produced today's difference!" The curbstone heard this One of the words was both embarrassing and regretful. After reading this story, the head teacher will not be a sculptor and be a house admirer. Do not think that we want to be a student's "sculptor" and to students is "hammer, hacksaw, carving knife, gauze mill ...". In fact, each student is an “artwork” worthy of appreciation. What students want to become depends entirely on the students’ own choices. We cannot change them. Only students themselves can change themselves.

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